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Spring 2015 Conference

Wednesday, April 22nd

Ethics Workshop - The Ethics of Scientific Thinking: Assessment, Intervention & Decision-Making
Kathy McNamara, Ph.D.
(Handout -  Slides) (Handout -  3 slides per page)

Thursday, April 23rd   

ODE Update
(Handout -  Slides) (Handout -  3 slides per page)

A.M. Session: Keynote Address: Enhancing Student Success: Promoting Mental Health
Stephen Brock, Ph.D.
(Handout - 3 slides per page) (Full Powerpoint available for NASP Members)

P.M. Session: Identifying Emotional Disturbance: Guidelines for School Psychologists
Stephen Brock, Ph.D.
(Handout - 3 slides per page) (Differentiating ED from SM) (Associated DSM-5 Diagnoses)

Friday, April 24th

Threat and Suicide Risk Assessment: Developing a Proactive Approach to Evaluating Risk
Stephen Brock, Ph.D., Melissa Reeves Ph.D.
(Handout - 6 slides per page)
(1. Flowchart - Suicide Risk)
(2. SAVRY)
(3. Virginia Model)
(4. Dallas Model)
(5. Potential Threat Assessment Questions)
(6. Violence Threat Summary Rating Chart)
(7. Suicide Risk Factors)
(8. Suicide Risk Summary Chart)
(9. Suicide Assessment Questions)
(10. Script Observation Form)
(11. Sample Danger Assessment and Intervention Plan - DAIP)
(12. Suicide Risk Monitoring Tool)