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2020 Spring Conference Handouts

We are happy to announce that the Spring 2020 Conference handouts are available for download. 

Wednesday, April 3rd

Ethics Workshop - At the presenter's request, packets will be postal mailed to attendees prior to the conference.

Thursday, April 4th

ODE Update, Joe Petrarca and Bernadette Laughlin
(Slides) (Bernadette's Notes) (Joe's Notes)

Unlocking the Mystery of Selective Mutism
Aimee Kotrba, Ph.D.
UPDATED! (Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)
Videos used in presentation
Thriving Minds Intake Form

Friday, April 5th

Helping Students Overcome Social Anxiety: Skills for Academic & Social Success
Daniela Colognori, Psy.D.
(Handout-Slides) (Handout-3 slides per page) (Handout-6 slides per page)
(Supporting Documents)