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Presidential Message: Fall 2022

Dear OSPA members and friends of OSPA,
Welcome back to a new academic year. I hope that everyone was able to take some time for themselves, their friends, and their families over the summer. For many of us, we have been going to school as either a student or staff member for almost our entire lives. For me, I still get a little nervous at the start of a new school year. But, instead of being nervous about my new teacher and completing homework assignments my nerves have shifted to meeting new staff members and figuring out my caseload requirements for the year. With this nervousness, I also still feel the excitement that I used to experience as a student. Excitement about the possibilities that the year will bring and how many families' lives I may be able to impact in a positive way this year. I hope that educators throughout the state share in this continued excitement for the start of the school year and continue to strive towards making positive impacts on the lives of all Ohio families.

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