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Remembering Gilda Newman (1929-2021)

I am deeply saddened to inform every one of the passing of Gilda Newman. She was a strong advocate of children who was a guiding force and leader in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Gilda was a long-standing member of the Union Conference Committee. She participated on the board of Cleveland Area School Psychologists and was awarded the School Psychologist of the Year. A guiding light for ethical, professional conduct, Gilda provided guidance to colleagues and supported the growth of the profession. As a licensed school psychologist by the Ohio Board of Psychology and a certificated school psychologist by the Ohio Board of Education, she was an intern supervisor for doctoral interns and took her position seriously, guiding professionals, such as myself, long after internship was completed. Her understanding of the statistical properties of assessment instruments, her curiosity in learning specialized instruments, and her breadth of understanding of human nature facilitated her ability to provide meaningful assessments for students and guidance for school staff. Her commitment to treat each child as a unique individual, her respect for parents and families, and her knowledge of law and ethics made her a respected consultant to school staff and a valued advisor to principals. Her influence on those she touched continues to effect change for students and the profession she loved.

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