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Legislative Lowdown: OSPA Meets with Senators on PP Renewal Proposal

Legislative activity picked up this spring and OSPA saw a couple pieces of legislation that have required action on our end.

HB 509 was amended in the House to include language changing the renewal cycle and continuing education requirements for those holding a school psych private practice license. The language was added last minute to the bill before it passed committee and then the next day was passed through the House. The State Board of Psychology had expressed to the committee chair their opposition to the change prior to those votes, but to no avail. The language would shift from 23 continuing education hours every two years to 18 hours every five years for school psych renewal through the board. It would make no change to the general psych license also overseen by the board.

I arranged a meeting with the sponsors of the bill in the House to explain to them our concerns with the change. I was joined by SBP President and school psych Doug Cole, SBP Executive Director Ron Ross, and OSPA Policy Consultant Ann Brennan. We believe the current hours and timeline protect the public by requiring regular learning opportunities, which are especially key for those working alone in private practice.

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