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Presidential Message Summer 2020

Dear OSPA Members and friends of OSPA,

Last February, as I was wrapping up my President-Elect duties and attending the NASP Regional Leadership Meetings and other related leadership events for the first time, little did I know that in just over one month, my anticipated role as the new OSPA President, which I officially assumed in April, would morph into something entirely different. At that time, was OSPA (the Executive Board, our executive director and business manager) working to further its goals as an organization? Yes. Continuing to prepare to submit responses to the revised Ohio Operating Standards for Students with Disabilities? Yes. Pressing forward in completing existing and developing new initiatives to address the current school psychology shortages? Yes. Anticipating a global pandemic and school closures with concurrent anti-racism movements arising from police brutality and a history of disproportionality and inequalities for our Black and Brown populations? Absolutely not. Who could have predicted as such?

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