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R. A. Horn Honorary Life Membership Award

In 1961 OSPA decided to establish an award that would recognize the contributions of retiring members. The award was to be presented to members or nonmembers who had contributed significantly to the field of school psychology and who continued to demonstrate an interest in the profession. The award is not given every year, but since 1961 OSPA has presented the award to numerous individuals. In 1998 the OSPA Executive Board voted to rename the award the R.A. Horn Honorary Life Membership Award in honor of the man who greatly affected the development and direction of school psychology in Ohio.

R.A. Horn Honorary Life Members:
Pauline Alexander
William Beitzel
Frank Bock
Nancy Bolam-Jenkins
Samuel Bonham
Homer Bradshaw
June Brooks
Michael Chrin
Margaret Dehnel
E. Louise Dennis
Howard Denison
Vera Edwards
Margaret Flinn
Barbara Garwood
Esther Gray
Edward Grover
Kenneth Hazen
Ray Horn
Mrs. Vic Hum
Marie Kauser
Irish Kersh
Gloria Kinnaird
Bruce Konya
Janko Kovacevich
Alvalyn Larson
Dorothy Marty
Harriet McNemar
Donald McPherson
June Mentzer
Gerald Miller
Robert Myers
Gilda Newman
Nancy Reynolds
Violet Ross
Margaret Schultz
Karl Schumacher
Ardyth Shaffer
Roma Wickenden
Keith Wiggins
Donald Wonderly
Herman Zielinski
Deborah Waddell
James Harvey
Audrey Bashian
Valorie Wolcott Mendelson
Cathy Telzrow
Elizabeth Bard 
John Guidubaldi 
Alex Thomas 
Tom Fagan (2012)
Lynn Brumfield (2014)
 Michael Forcade (2015)  Juliette Madigan (2016)