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Clyde V. Bartlett Distinguished Service Award

In March of 1972 OSPA created the Clyde V. Bartlett Distinguished Service Award in memory of Mr. Bartlett, an active member of OSPA who served on the Executive Board, was newsletter editor, worked on the school and private practice certification committee, and was president in 1960-61. He is remembered for his ability to make everyone feel welcome and vital to the organization.

The purpose of this award is to recognize an Ohio school psychologist for outstanding services or achievement in the profession. The criteria for selection include significant contributions to the growth and development of the profession, outstanding service to the community in the area of mental health, and the personal qualities thought to be desirable in the profession.

Bartlett Distinguished Service Award Recipients:
1973 Samuel Bonham
1974 William Farling
1975 Nicholas Gallo
1976 Michael Chrin
1977 Frank Block
1978 Homer Bradshaw
1980 Julia Wright
1981 F. Peter Gross
1982 Richard Haas
1983 Marlene Bireley
1984 Michael Kabler
1985 Pauline Alexander
1986 Robert Myers
1987 Ray Horn
1988 Alex Thomas
1989 Cathy Telzrow
1990 Margaret Hazelett
1991 Nadine Block
1992 Michael Curtis
1993 Audrey Bashian
1994 Marianne Cote
1995 Jack Naglieri
1996 Kathy McNamara
1997 Cindy Reighard
1998 Michael Forcade
1999 Mary Link
2000 Vera C. Edwards
2001 Elizabeth Bard
2002 Ed Fiscus
2003 Valorie Wolcott Mendelson
2005 Linda Sweazy
2006 Antoinette Miranda
2010 Christopher Nelson
2012 Audrey Ellenwood, Nina Andrews
2013 Frank Scarano
2014 David Barnett