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Spring Conference Committee


The Spring Conference Committee is a sub-committee of the OSPA Conference Committee.  Members are expected to attend all OSPA Executive Board meetings.  Members are required to collaborate with the Fall Conference Committee to align professional development activities with the long-term vision of OSPA, and to provide opportunities for professional growth, development, and networking to School Psychologists.  Co-Chairs work with the OSPA Executive Board to coordinate presenters, poster sessions, agenda, and presentation logistics prior to and during the Spring Conference. 

The Conference Committee met during the Fall OSPA Conference to discuss potential or confirmed speakers and brainstorm as needed.  The Committee continues to meet following the calendar outline throughout the school year.  To provide any recommendations, contact the Co-Chairs below. 

The upcoming Spring 2022 Conference will include:

The Science Behind Academic Equality & Improving Reading Outcomes

Thursday, April 28, 2022

All day session: Exploring Inclusion, Integration, Segregation, De-tracking, and Heterogeneous Classrooms
Presenter: Elise Frattura, Ph.D.

Despite decades of educational reform and federal mandates, inequities among students not only persist but are growing in our urban, rural and suburban schools across Ohio. Further, most equity work addresses only one aspect of inequities, such as culturally relevant pedagogy or developing culturally competent staff. Instead, school psychologist and educational leaders must transform the entire education system. Dr. Frattura will share a research-based approach that advances the learning of literally all students in the district. Students currently succeeding not only will continue to succeed but will make additional achievement and social gains. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

All day session: School Psychology and the Science of Reading
Presenter: Stephanie A. Stollar, Ph.D.

The science of reading is a vast body of empirical research about how reading develops, why some students struggle with reading, and the assessment and instruction that is likely to lead to strong reading outcomes for all students. School psychologists are uniquely positioned to lead reading improvement efforts. This session will equip participants with knowledge of key aspects of the reading research, strategies for sharing research with other educators, and a framework for implementing the science of reading so that more students become skilled readers.


Stephanie Jozwiakowski ( and Sarah Stampfle (, Spring Conference Committee Co-Chairs

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