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Awards Committee


The OSPA Executive Board has established several awards to recognize its members for their achievements and contributions to the field of school psychology.  OSPA uses these awards to publicly acknowledge the expertise and contributions of some of our colleagues and to thank them for sharing their ideas and ideals.

The purposes of the Awards Committee are: 

  1. to review nominations for the awards that the OSPA Executive Board presents to its members
  2. to recommend the recipients of those awards
  3. to consider the creation of new awards
  4. to recommend procedures for making nominations for NASP awards

The role of the committee members involves:

  1. soliciting nominations within their regions
  2. reviewing the nominations when they are sent to them
  3. attending the two committee meetings to consider the nominations 

 OSPA presents awards during the Fall and Spring Conferences. 

Fall Awards
School Psychologist of the YearEarly Career Award, and Ann Brennan Outstanding Advocate Award.

Spring Awards
The Clyde Bartlett Distinguished Service Award, The Pete Gross Best Practice Award, and Ray Horn Honorary Life Membership Award.

Nomination information and forms are available here. 

Contact Information:

Rob Kubick

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