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Important State Board of Psychology Licensure Reminders


1) 2014-2016 licensure renewal period ends August 31, 2016, remember to make sure you have the required 23 hours of MCE, 4 of which must be in ethics/multicultural competency/professional conduct, certified and recorded on your OSPA- MCE transcript by this date. If you have not been receiving regular transcript updates from OSPA-MCE, make sure you have registered properly. You may email ( or call the OSPA-MCE office (614-934-1006) to check. You will also be sent a letter from the State Board of Psychology with information and a reminder of your obligation to renew your license with the State Board of Psychology license renewal form available on their website.

2) 2016-2018 OSPA-MCE registration/licensure renewal period: Remember to register with OSPA-MCE for the upcoming renewal period (September 1, 2016- August 31, 2018). OSPA-MCE registration forms can be downloaded from the OSPA website beginning this summer. A reminder letter along with a paper copy of the OSPA-MCE registration form will also be emailed to registrants later this summer. Carefully review the deadline for registration to avoid late fees.


The Ohio General Assembly has made some important changes to ORC 4732, the governing statute for all license holders. Please read the entire updated law, which is available on the State Board of Psychology’s homepage A few highlights:


Beginning with the 2016 license renewal period, each license holder: “…shall have completed, in the preceding two-year period, not less than twenty-three hours of continuing education in psychology, including not less than four hours of continuing education in one or more of the following: 1) Professional conduct; 2) Ethics and/or 3) The role of culture, ethnic identity, or both in the provision of psychological assessment, consultation, or psychological interventions, or a combination thereof. The total hour requirement is still 23 hours. The change is an increase from 3 hours to 4 hours and expanding the content beyond ethics/professional conduct to the new “ role of culture, ethnic identity, or both….” content language. The four hours can be taken in any time allocation combinations covering these content topics. For example, 4 hours may be taken in ethics, or 4 hours in cultural competency type content, or any combination of both adding up to 4 hours over the biennial renewal period. Program content must be provided by approved providers, and if not must be approved through OSPA-MCE upon receipt of a single course review application form.


Beginning with the 2016 license renewal period, a license holder “…who retires from the practice of psychology or school psychology may request during the biennial license registration process that the license holder's license be placed in "licensed psychologist-retired" or "licensed school psychologist-retired" status. Once the license is placed in retired status, the license holder shall not practice psychology or school psychology in this state. A license holder selecting this status shall pay to the state board of psychology a fee of fifty dollars.” Procedures for reinstating a retired license shall be established in rules adopted by the board.

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