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University of Cincinnati SPAW Activities

SPAW Updates
Rachel Szeles, University of Cincinnati

UC students participated in NASP Advocacy Action Day by sending letters to their
elected officials. These messages advocated for the need to prioritize federal
policies that address the shortage of school psychologists in the country.
NASP makes it simple by providing a ready-to-send template under the Advocacy
Action Center on the NASP website. All you have to do is type in some basic
information, and your representatives will be automatically added to your message.
Just press submit!

First year UC students Emma DenBleyker and Caroline Gruver traveled to
Fishers, Indiana to present to psychology students at Fishers High School to
promote school psychology as part of the NASP Exposure Project.
“I found it to be a valuable experience that will hopefully impact at least a few
of the students’ career explorations,” says Emma DenBleyker. “Because of the lack of
awareness surrounding our field, it’s possible that many of the students we
presented to won’t hear about school psychology as a career option again, even if
they pursue an undergraduate psychology degree.”
Interested in participating in the NASP Exposure Project? Download the presentation
materials on the NASP website under Resources and Publications.

Important News

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COVID-19 Resources

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