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University of Dayton SPAW Activities

NASP encourages and challenges school psychology students to play a role in
School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW). The University of Dayton students were
eager to play a role in SPAW 2019 by presenting a Powerpoint to several classrooms in
both high school and University settings. The Powerpoint was either the NASP
Exposure Project High School Presentation or the Introduction to School Psychology
OSPA presentation. The UD students also passed out the “School Psychology, A
Career That Makes a Difference” NASP handout. This handout answers common
questions about the field while also marketing the uniqueness to potential future school
psychology students.

The following high schools had a UD student present the OSPA or NASP
Powerpoint: Archbishop Alter High School, West Carrollton High School, Brookville High
School, Northmont High School, St. Francis DeSales High School, Beavercreek High
School, Madeira High School, Lakota East/West High School, and Bellbrook High
School. The UD students spoke with AP Psychology classes, Psychology classes, and
Child Development classes. The amount of students in each classroom ranged from
20-160 students. During the high school presentations the UD students also answered
questions in general regarding applying for college and the college experience.

The following Universities had a UD student present the OSPA or NASP
Powerpoint: Wittenberg University, Cedarville University, and the University of Dayton.
The University classes were psychology introduction courses and teacher education
courses. The class sizes were approximately 30 students. During the Wittenberg

University presentation a student mentioned their desire to apply to our program in the
near future. The UD students hope that more college students will eventually chose to
apply to our program due to their experience listening to the SPAW presentations.

The University of Dayton students will continue to participate in SPAW to raise
awareness about the profession. It is a fun and easy way for us to highlight the
importance of the work that school psychologists and other educators do in order to
help students thrive.

Important News

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COVID-19 Resources

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