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    2020 Spring Conference

    Understanding & Treating Social Anxiety in Children & Adolescents
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Save the Date: 2019 Spring Conference

Save the Date: OSPA 2020 Spring Conference

New Venue!

The OSPA Spring 2020 Conference is being held at a new venue, the Renaissance Westerville-Polaris Hotel located just 2.5 miles east of the Hilton-Polaris at 409 Altair Parkway, in Westerville.

Special Topics: Understanding and Treating Social Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

Thursday April 23, 2020

All Day Session: Unlocking the Mysteries of Selective Mutism, Presenter Dr. Aimee Kotrba, licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Thriving Minds Behavioral Health in Brighton, MI, and adjunct associate professor, Michigan State University. Dr. Kortba is a nationally known expert in the area of Selective Mutism and other anxiety disorders common to children and adolescents. She is the author of several definitive books on Selective Mutism including Selective Mutism: An Assessment and Intervention Guide for Therapists, Educators, and Parents; and Overcoming Selective Mutism: A Field Guide for Parents. Dr. Kortba’s presentation will explore the underlying dynamics of this fascinating yet perplexing anxiety disorder. Although rare relative to other common school-based disorders, it is estimated that as many as 5% of school-aged children experience anxiety-based disorders affecting speech production. Her presentation will develop a cognitive-behavior approach to treatment, stressing treatment teams (school psychologists, counselors, parents, and community mental health professionals). Her presentation will provide tips for assessment, systematic and hierarchal intervention planning, school and classroom accommodations, IEP development, video-vignettes, and detailed case studies.

Friday April 24, 2020

All Day Session: Helping Students Overcome Social Anxiety, Dr. Daniela Colignori, clinical director of the Tourette Syndrome Clinic at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University. Dr. Colognori is also the founding partner and director of Specialized Psychological Services a private clinical practice specializing in cognitive-behavior therapy for individuals with anxiety, mood, tic, and body-focused repetitive behavior disorders. She is the co-author of Helping Students Overcome Social Anxiety: Skills for Academic and Social Success (SASS), Guilford Press, 2018. Dr. Colignori’s presentation will explore the underlying dynamics of social anxiety disorders in children and adolescents and the damaging effects of social impairment. Within a response to intervention framework, Dr.Colognori will discuss how to develop and implement cognitive strategies and interventions, provide schoolwide education, promote generalization of skills, implement relapse prevention plans, and involve parents and caregivers in student treatment. Her presentation will include detailed case studies, illustrations, sample scripts, and reproducible materials.

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