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Get Involved - Run for OSPA Office!

 Ever wondered how you can get more involved in your profession? OSPA has three Executive Board leadership positions up for election this spring and is looking for nominees. Anyone who has an intern, first-year post internship, full, retired, unemployed or honorary membership is eligible to run. 


We need candidates for: President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect and Secretary.


The President-Elect commits to three years on OSPA leadership - one year as president-elect in which he or she shadows the current president, one year as president and one year as past-president, during which he or she advises the current president.

While president, this person presides at all meetings of the Executive Board (held quarterly), setting the date and agenda for the meetings. He or she also serves as the major spokesperson for OSPA or delegates this role to other members or officials. The president is a member of the Fiscal Advisory Committee, authorizes official communication necessary with other organizations, agencies or persons, and works with the President-Elect to establish a functional communication network among all regional affiliates of OSPA to ensure that each of these affiliates is meeting their respective responsibilities. The job is well supported by the business manager and executive director.


The Treasurer-Elect commits to four years - one year as treasurer-elect, during which he or she shadows the current treasurer, and 3 years as treasurer, the last of which is spent training the incoming treasurer-elect. 

 As treasurer, he or she maintains the financial accounts of the Association by monitoring accounting done by the business manager. The treasurer signs checks written by the business manager, submits a financial report to the Executive Board quarterly, serves as chairperson of the Fiscal Advisory Committee and shall be responsible for convening FAC meetings to develop and recommend budget items to the Executive Board, and submits the recommended budget from the FAC for discussion/approval by the Executive Board.


 The Secretary serves a two-year term. 

 He or she is a member of the Fiscal Advisory Committee and is responsible for recording accurately the events and information at official OSPA meetings, maintaining official record, and formating the minutes, including a summary list of motions and actions taken.

Have questions about any of these roles or want to run? Contact Rachel Chilton at or 614-934-1006.

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