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Professional Ethics Declaration

I attest that: 

1. No state licensing agency, state board, and/or professional organization has denied my application for license, certificate, and/or membership.
2.  No state licensing agency, state board, and/or professional organization has reprimanded, suspended, and/or revoked my license, certificate, or membership.
3. I have not ever been convicted of a crime, other than a minor traffic offense.
I have read and I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Ohio School Psychologists Association adopted by the Executive Board. I understand that this application is subject to review by the OSPA Ethics Committee and that should my application for membership be denied by the Executive Board, I have the right to make an appeal to the Executive Board. I understand that I may resign membership at any time by submitting a written statement explaining the reason of resignation to the Membership Committee, and that by doing so, I will forfeit dues paid for the year during which my resignation occurs.

Job Forum

 Welcome the OSPAOnline school psychology job forum! As new school psychologist positions become available in Ohio, information about these positions will be posted here.

This page only lists job openings from the current 6 months; others will be automatically deleted after this period of time unless subsequent contact has been made by the posting agency.

Please note that the Ohio Department of Education offers a Web-based Recruiting System.  This system is free for job seekers and school districts posting positions.  To reduce a duplication of effort, OSPA is encouraging individuals and school districts to begin to use this system.  At some point in the future, it is hoped that all school psychology related job postings will be on the ODE website. OSPA will continue to post school psychology job postings during the transition period.  Please see the following links for the ODE site:

Ohio Department of Education - Educator Jobs

Further information about submitting content to the OSPAOnline web site can be found on the "Submission Guidelines" page or by emailing the webmaster.


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Internet Resources & Links

OSPA does not endorse any of the information or opinions provided at these sites below. These links are provided as a courtesy and resource to OSPA members and the public. If you come across a dead link, or find a new one you think should be included here, please contact us.



Ohio Graduate Training Programs in School Psychology

School Psychology Journals



Post Secondary Transition

Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence  - ELSA Documents
State Support Team Region 4 - Transition resources

Submission Guidelines

Revised Winter, 2008

The OSPAOnline staff welcomes content submissions from both OSPA and non-OSPA members for inclusion on the OSPA web site. This content may include publicity for OSPA sponsored professional conferences, items of interest to Ohio school psychologists, Ohio-based job posts for the OSPAOnline Job Forum, and relevant news items about OSPA events and school psychological practitioners. Commercial solicitations, advertisements for products, and unsolicited "spam" email generally will not be considered for publication on OSPA web site.

When submitting materials to the OSPA web site, please adhere to these requirements to prevent delays in processing your request:

  1. All materials must be prepared for submission in an electronic medium (i.e. attached document to an email message) unless prior arrangements have been made with the site's content editor and web developer. Items postal mailed to either the OSPA office or the individuals above without prior approval will not be considered for submission.
  2. Prepare all materials in a PC compatible format. The OSPAOnline staff cannot easily transfer files from Macintosh or other computer platforms, resulting in our inability to process your submission.
  3. Your content should be prepared in a Microsoft Office compatible format such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Acrobat. Pictures, graphics, and maps may be included provided they are incorporated into the files. If your graphics must be sent separately, please ensure the graphical images are stored as JPEG or GIF images only. Any other file formats and software application data will not be accepted.
  4. Prepare an email message with the following details:

    • Description of the materials to be posted on the OSPA web site
    • Dates for posting and removing the materials from the OSPA web site
    • Instructions relating to the general appearance you hope to see once posted on a web page
    • Section of the OSPA web site to include your submission
  5. Attach your document/graphic file(s) in the appropriate format to your email message and address it to the webmaster. If your message is successfully received, you will receive an autoresponse message immediately. Please allow up to one week for the OSPAOnline staff to process your request before contacting us to inquire about the status of your submission.
  6. By submitting content for the OSPAOnline web site, you agree to avoid submitting this content through other OSPA related communication media, including the OSPA listserv. In addition, the OSPAOnline staff will not post content to the web site that has already been distributed through other means except under specific circumstances. It is the intent of the OSPAOnline staff to avoid duplicating information that is readily available through other contexts. Please note that job announcements are an exception to this policy and will be included in the OSPA Job Postings even if posted elsewhere. However, job postings intended for inclusion in the OSPA sponsored Job Announcement listing should first be posted to the webmaster. Simply announcing a position through the listserv will not lead to the position being posted to the Job Announcements board.

If you have further questions about posting content to the OSPA web site or need assistance with preparing your documentation in an electronic format, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster.

The OSPAOnline staff reserves the right to modify your submission content to fit available space and design constraints of the OSPA web site. In addition, the OSPAOnline staff retains the authority to limit or reject any submissions failing to comply with these guidelines or the overall content of the OSPA web site.